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About Us

Two ladies with enormous experience in the business world are at the head of this company. Arzu Gercek in the financial world and Anja Van der Wal in tourism.

They now combine the experience and talents they have built up over the years in their company Hera Yachting. Arzu Gercek born and raised in Istanbul has many years of experience in the financial world and in recent years has worked as the head of the relevant department at a large charter company.

Anja Van der Wal was born and raised in the Netherlands, actually she is from ‘ Friesland’ a region well known for its maritime climate and then went into the wider world and worked for many years as a region manager for a major tour operator at various destinations around the world. In recent years she has worked as a charter broker for a charter company and together with Arzu they have set up Hera Yachting.

These 2 ladies know exactly what the customers want and are always looking for the best and deliver 100% quality. Not only when checking in on the boat, but this service and attention to detail starts from the first communication they have with their customers.

It is the small details that matter and therefore Hera Yachting.

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