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What are the advantages of a private yacht holiday?

First of all, you are alone with your family, close environment and individuals from which you are sure they are healthy. You can safely spend your vacation without interacting with other people, such as in hotels or holiday villages. You don’t have to leave the boat if you don’t want to and the captain can take you to secluded coves where you won’t see anyone during the entire period. The entire period you will be with the same crew who are regularly tested for Corona. In short, besides the fact that a private yacht charter holiday is an exclusive dream, it is currently one of the safest holidays of its kind.


Is It Possible To Embark and Disembark From Different Locations?


Starting and ending at different locations is possible, but depends on the occupation of the boat. In the high season this is almost impossible and if it succeeds, you will have to pay extra for this. The costs for this depend on the distances between the two ports.

The Association of Turkish Yacht Agencies Association (TYBA), has made disinfection and hygiene procedures necessary for every arrival and departure on all yachts with a joint decision on this matter. The crews of our yachts are regularly checked for Corona by means of the PCR test. In addition, we have strict hygiene regulations for every tour which are being checked by the authorities.

  • Full board de luxe menu € 700 Person Per Week ( Luxury full board provides you all meals & soft drinks on board)
  • Children 0- 5 years are free
  • Children 5 – 9 years 50% discount
  • You may also stock your own beverages before your departure
  • The APA system applies to our ultra luxury gulets & motor yachts
  • Before arrival we provide beverage order lists for alcohol drinks & wine upon guests approval we pre-purchase and deliver on board.

The Charterer will be charged extra, at cost, for all other expenses. These will include fuel for the yacht, RIB or other tenders; food, wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks for the Charterer, other consumable stores, berthing dues and other harbour charges away from the yacht’s own berth, including pilotage fees and charges for water and electricity taken from the shore, laundry, telephone, fax or telex via radio or Inmarsat, as well as the hire costs of any special equipment placed on board at the request of the Charterer. Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) In addition to the charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA of 25-30% of the charter fee to cover the expenses shown above. This is given to the yacht in cash prior to your charter to allow the captain to buy fuel and provision the yacht as per your demands. At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full accounts of all expenditure. You will either be refunded any money not used or asked to pay any additional costs not covered by the APA.

First let us know where you want to cruise. It is possible that your desired destination is not on our list. Please ask nonetheless. We will look at what we can do for you and if you are not sure what you want, ask us for suggestions. Based on your interests, travel dates, size of the group and budget, we will send a suitable offer.

It is also very helpful for us to know if you only want to sail by motor/engine or if you would also like to sail. Not every gulet is suitable for sailing, so if we know this in advance, we can respond to that.

What Is The Weather Like?


The weather is equally beautiful in all months and they are all slightly different. April and May is the preseason and it can still be fresh, but nature is beautiful, everything in bloom and overwhelmingly beautiful. June, July and August are the months when it is hot and full of energy. September and October is the late season and the weather starts to cool. The days are warm and the evenings cool.
If you want more information about the suitable travel period for you, please contact us.

Do We Visit The Greek Islands?


From Turkey there is certainly the possibility to visit the Greek islands, this only depends on the route you have chosen. If you want to visit the Greek region, keep in mind that the Greek harbor fees and duties are not included in the charter price. This fee is paid as soon as you enter the Greek waters.

Depending on the country you come from, you may need a visa. Please check this. www.evisa.gov.tr/en

At What Time Does The Tour Starts & Ends?


Normally you can check in between 15:00 – 17:00 and check out is at 9:00 after breakfast.
These times are maintained so that the boat can be prepared for the next guests. In case of a late flight please let us know so we can store you luggage at our office.

What Is The Voltage On Board?


220 volts are used on all our boats. If you are used to a different voltage, bring an adapter or we can arrange this for you.

Is There Wifi On Board?


Nowadays all luxury boats have wifi, but it is possible that there is no connection, especially while sailing. Regarding the country you are in mobile providers will be used.

Can We Bring Our Own Drinks on Board?


Yes you can bring your own drinks on board. In turkey and Greece there is no corkage fee. If you need any help with ordering special liquor please let us know so we can help you.

How Many Hours a Day Can I Use Air Conditioning?

The number of consecutive hours that you can use your air conditioning depends on the gulet and is determined by the captain who will indicate this at check-in. Keep in mind that in most ports no air conditioning is allowed after 12 o’clock at night due to noise disturbance. Generators are operated for air conditioning, freezers and fridges etc. There is a limited use of generators in ports due to the sound they make. When requesting A/C on during the night time, this may or may not be possible. Airco in bays may be allowed when not many other yachts are around. Please contact the captain regarding this subject.

Are There Any Rules On Board?


A good organization on board together with the safety for our guests are maintained by a number of rules that are described below:

• No shoes are worn on board.
• Use water sparingly.
• If you do not use the lights, switch them off.
• Cabin towels only for the cabin.
• Do not smoke in the cabins.
• Do not throw any waste into the water.
• Do not swim before the engine stops or under the influence of alcohol.
• Do not flush toilet paper down the toilet. Throw this in the trash.
• Use life jackets only in an emergency.
• Do not cause noise pollution.
• If the deck is wet, be extra careful.
• The most important rule is that you simply have to start enjoying this well-deserved holiday.

Do You Cater To Special Diets?


Yes we serve and also organize meals for guests with allergies or intolerances. Let us know as soon as possible using the form that will be sent to you.

What To Do When I Arrive Early and Depart Late?


In some cases our guests arrive a day earlier and would like to spend the night in a hotel to see something of the chosen location. This also applies to the departure date. Sometimes a flight only goes late in the evening and you have to leave the boat after breakfast. In these cases we are there to help you. We can help you find a suitable hotel and for your return trip you can always store your luggage at our office.

Is It Possible To Create Our Own Itinerary?

Yes this is possible. During our communication we will learn exactly what you want and according to this we will establish an itinerary together with the captain involved as well. Please keep in mind that  many circumstances can be influenced by the weather.

How Far ahead Shall I book My Gulet?

The earlier you book, the better it is. In this case we have plenty of time to find you the best gulet that matches your wishes and a route that will satisfy you.


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