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What Devines The Price of a Yacht

April 29, 2021

What devines the price of a yacht?

What devines the price of a yacht? – Of course, many customers have no idea what determines the price of a yacht / gulet. A 4-cabin yacht can in some cases be more expensive than an 8-cabin yacht. In this blog I explain what the factors are for determining the price of a yacht. Let me start by saying that you always pay the price for the entire yacht including the crew and the service, so not a price person.


What devines the price of a yacht?

What devines the price of a yacht?

If you charter a yacht for 12 people and you are only coming with 2 people, the price will not change. You rent the entire yacht with crew for a certain price. And how is this price determined? Firstly, the year of construction of the yacht is of course a very determining factor. A brand new yacht is of course more expensive than a 10 year old yacht. In addition, the degree of luxury plays an important role in the price. Some yachts feature an in-cabin Jacuzzi, a Jacuzzi on the deck, large TV screens that make you feel like you are in the cinema, music systems throughout the yacht and an extensive crew.

And the more crew, the more expensive the price of the yacht. For example, you can imagine that a luxury yacht with 5 cabins and a 7-person crew is more expensive than a standard yacht with 5 cabins and 3-person crew. In addition, the season in which you rent a yacht is also an important price factor. The high season (July and August) will always be more expensive than the before and after season.

In short, these are the most important price factors;

1 * Year of construction
2 * Degree of luxury
3 * Number of crew members
4 * Season

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