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A Gulet Which Can Sail

November 23, 2019

A gulet which can sail

A gulet which can sail – Gulets are referred to as motor sailors in practice. This means that gulets mainly run on the engine, but in some cases they can also sail. Not all gulets have this option, it might surprise you, but some gulets don’t even have sails. Daima Yacht is the perfect yacht; it’s a gulet and can sail.

A gulet which can sail

A gulet which can sail

You see many photos of gulets fully rigged with sails, etc. Once on board you want to go sailing and then the answer comes that it is not possible. In most cases, the reason is that the gulet is way too heavy. This is certainly true. A gulet is a huge colossus and therefore in most cases not suitable for sailing. For many people this is a huge disappointment and that is why I advise you to inquire about the sailing capacity of your favorite gulet. Your agency can inform you about this.

Sailing Daima Yacht

Sailing Daima Yacht

We are very enthusiastic about our beautiful Daima Yacht. This modern gulet is very different from all other gulets. You could actually judge it better if you see this yacht in real life.
A while ago I was a guest on this beautiful yacht and I immediately saw that the rigging and sailing work was of a high level. I worked for North Sails for a while so I experienced a lot of rigging and good sails.

Daima Yacht also features self tacking systems, well if you are not a real sailor you do not need this, in fact you would not even know what they were for. I asked about it and I was told by Captain Dogan that the owner designed the gulet so that it is possible to just to sail. So no motor at all! I was delighted as a child because this was very special. A charming and elegant gulet that can sail! So if you are a real sailing freak and also completely thrilled with the gulet, then look at Daima Yacht, because then you have found the perfect gulet.

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