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Difficult Times For All Of Us.

March 16, 2020

Difficult times for all of us.

Difficult times for all of us – It would be strange not to write a blog about it, because it is reality just as water is wet. The world has stopped, just completely paralyzed we are. The whole Corona virus has taken its toll on all of us.

Have faith in the good & the bad

Have faith in the good & the bad

Whatever you believe is not really important at the moment because the effects are all the same.

Facebook, twitter etc everybody is mentioning it in some way and we all respond. In some countries live has shut down, cafe’s and restaurants are closed and people are advised to stay home as much as possible.

In Marmaris/Turkey where we live everything goes on quit normal, the weather is beautiful so in the weekend the beaches and terraces where full. Although you can’t deny a strange feeling hanging in the air.

These day’s we feel pretty much like this

I wish everybody could find some peace and positivity in this period of uncertainty. Many companies might come in rough water or in some cases might not even survive this crisis. Many people have lost relatives and beloved ones.

Hera Yachting is thinking of everybody, our friends and collegues in the same sector world wide, everybody who tries to keep on going, tries to make a living and all who are ill and of all who lost someone.

This crisis will pass till the next one comes around but we have to move on and should not loose our desire to be happy and live our lifes with joy.

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