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Luxury Gulet Charter Bodrum

December 5, 2019

Luxury Gulet Charter Bodrum

Luxury Gulet Charter Bodrum – A luxury gulet charter from bodrum is always a party that doesn’t seem to end. It starts with the fact that the airport is only a 20-minute drive from the port. Are you with children and / or older people then this is so convenient for you!

By the way, it is a big advantage anyway, because who wants to spend hours on the bus after a long flight?
So this is already a big plus for your blue cruise that starts from Bodrum and add a whole list to that and you know what I mean.

Streets of Bodrum

Streets of Bodrum

Bodrum, or the former Halikarnassos, is a beautiful seaside resort with a great appearance, or “allure”. This port city has a huge history like almost all beach resorts in Turkey and you can see that everywhere. Bodrum is different from all other seaside resorts in Turkey. It has its own atmosphere, the wind blows differently, the sun shines much brighter and the sea lives a life of its own.

This place has a great appeal and nobody has missed it. People come to Bodrum from all over the world, both in summer and in winter. Summer is vibrant and energetic and there seems to be no end to the day.

A "Raki" to start or end the day

A “Raki” to start or end the day

On Saturdays, the ports are full of the most luxurious and elegant gulets you have ever seen. In the evening everyone is ready for an evening out. The winter is different but oh so beautiful. You can sit in the sun and enjoy the local life that passes you by.

You should definitely start your luxury gulet charter from bodrum!

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