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Reliable and Quality Charter Agency in Turkey

December 4, 2019

Reliable and Quality Charter Agency in Turkey

Reliable and Quality Charter Agency in Turkey – If you are looking for your perfect luxury gulet charter or motor yacht, it is very important that you select a reliable agency that attaches great value to quality and service & trust.

Once on google there is a huge selection of agencies and companies that offer these products ( luxury gulets, motor yachts ). You look at their website read what they have to say, what do they rent for yachts, what the conditions are and of course the prices.

Reliability, Trust , Quality & Service - Minded

Reliability, Trust , Quality & Service – Minded


These are all very important details because of course we all want value for money. Many hours are spent studying the many websites and eventually you make a choice. Often it certainly helps to contact the agency where your choice has fallen.

Complete the application form and ask the questions that are important to you and then take a good look at how long it will take before you receive an answer. This first contact is the most important and from that a nice reliable relationship arises or not.

Reliable and Quality Charter Agency in Turkey

At Hera Yachting, reliability, trust, quality and service are paramount. And at the same time we also like being different, we like to think outside the box. Just look at our site on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and you will understand what I mean.

But our very best aspect is the relationship we build with our customers and you will notice that once you have completed the application form. After working in the tourism industry for years, we know exactly what to do in every kind of situation. For more information about who we are, have a look at “about us” part.

Two women with a mission

Two women with a mission

Let’s face it you must also have a good feeling inside to work together with the agency that is going to organize your yacht charter holiday.
Listen carefully to your feelings and contact the desired agency so that you can ask your questions.
Good luck!

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