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What to Bring on a private Cruise?

September 12, 2019

What to bring on a private cruise?

What to bring on a private cruise? When you decide to go on a private gulet holiday there is one thing you don’t have to think about for a second and that is the amount and type of clothing and how many pair of shoes:)


When traveling on a yacht ( bareboat or gulet ) in general, you can not bring the world of luggage with you, simply because there is no place to store it. Even when you would charter the biggest gulet there is, you still can bring a minimum amount of luggage. This makes the preparations for your holiday a lot easier because deciding what to wear and what not to bring might be a nightmare, which a lot of us can confirm.


What to bring on a private cruise?

What to bring on a private cruise?


So what to bring? well let’s start first of all with a bag and not with a huge hard plastic suitcase because these are very difficult to store somewhere in your cabin. So travel easy, take a soft bag. Clothing should be light and you really do not need a lot. Especially in the months May, June, September and October you could take a cardigan for the cooler evenings and mornings. Shoes on board are forbidden, so a pair of flipflops and a pair of fancy shoes for a night out should do the job.

Do not forget your swimmimg suit, sunglasses, a hat and sun cream ( factor 50) and last but not least; do bring a good book. Back home you might never find the time for it, but on your exlusive private gulet charter, you do have the time and how wonderful is that! If you love listening to your favorite music, bring an Ipod with you…

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