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Which Gulet Suits Me Best?

December 28, 2019

Which gulet suits me best?

 This is a good question because of course there are many types and sizes and especially different price categories. Are you planning to do a private gulet charter then you probably have thought about it carefully, because a gulet is not a sailboat or a motor yacht.

Standard class gulet

Standard class gulet

A gulet is very special, it is typical of Turkey and you will not find it anywhere else in the world unless they have sailed there. Nowadays you can also make a gulet trip in Greece, Sardinia and Croatia and there are even very luxurious ones that are exported to the other side of the world.

Yet a gulet is a handmade Turkish boat and very special and that’s why they are so popular. Not only for private charter but also for yoga cruises eg health trips. These types of journeys can be fully customized. The question of which gulet suits you best also depends a bit on your lifestyle.

Which gulet suits me best?

Ultra luxury category gulet

 Ultra luxury category gulet

Do you like luxury or are you more the basic type? We have very nice standard class gulets in our program and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive and on the other hand we also have very luxury gulets, which are simply floating boutique hotels, which of course have a different price tag.

Our yoga cruise gulets are a standard class and if you want a yoga cruise on a more luxurious version then that can all be arranged. What you choose will also depend on the budget you have set aside for it. But one thing is certain, whatever gulet you choose, the atmosphere, the service, the hospitality of the local crew is all the same; simply sublime!

All of our gulets will make you happy that's for sure!

All of our gulets will make you happy that’s for sure!

If you would like more information about which gulet or which trip suits you best, please contact us. You can fill in the application form, but you can also reach us 24/7 via whats app or if you prefer, just call.

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