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Why Does Hera Yachting Makes A Difference?

February 18, 2020

Why does Hera Yachting make a difference?

Why do we make a difference is because we are different. Hera Yachting is the next stop for style, quality, reliability & a high level of ongoing service.

Hera Yachting- Style for life

Hera Yachting- Style for life

Maybe you remember the question when you where going to a job interview. Why should we take you for this job? What are your pro’s? What are your cons ? etc etc. I always found them very difficult to answer, not because I didn’t know my pro’s or cons. Oh gosh, I know them very well. I also knew exactly when the job should be mine but selling myself always seemed difficult maybe it is typical Dutch you just stay unpretentious no matter what:)
Well long story short; I always got the job I wanted and never let anybody down.

Being different but unpretentious

Being different but unpretentious

This also applies to my company. I can give you several reasons why you should come to us to organize your private yacht charter. You can actually find it in the introduction. We are the next stop for style, quality, reliability and endless service. And all this topped with a large amount of passion. We love passion. Everything what you do should be done with passion, otherwise it does not make any sence.
All the facts will appear as soon as you contact us and from there you never want to go back anymore. Because let’s face it, where nowedays do you find service and a topping of passion and humanity in combination with reliability and knowledge? Exactly, almost nowhere!

Come with Hera Yachting and let's celebrate with champagne!

Come with Hera Yachting and let’s celebrate with champagne!



I could write a whole novel why Hera Yachting, but just contact us and you will find out the difference:)


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