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Getting Ready For Summer 2020

February 4, 2020

Getting ready for summer 2020

Getting ready for summer 2020 – Well, 2020 has started, that is a fact, in fact it is already February!
My goodness time flies and before you realize we hit spring and suddenly it is summer! I love the summer, it makes me feel good, especially if you live in a Mediterranean country.

Summer 2020 we are ready

Summer 2020 we are ready

Life is different when you live near the sea. After work we have a drink somewhere on a terrace and a light evening meal. Day’s seem to be longer here, we intend to get more out of the day and somehow I always have lot’s of energy, especially in the summer.

Let’s face the true after a winter of rain ( yes we get lot’s of rain in Marmaris in the winter) a winter of watching tv and eating fresh roasted chesnuts it is time to get ready for summer. So that means that I have to move my bud a bit more:)

Summer vibes

Summer vibes

I have started at the gym again for 3 times a week. I never stop excersising but in the winter things slow down a bit, although in the weekends we go skiing as well, about a 2 hour drive from Marmaris we have a great ski resort. Last weekend I was skiing in -5 and the next day for work in Bodrum in 16 degrees! Crazy isn’t it.

Anyway now back to reality and get back in a small shape, in shape for the summer. I never train longer than 30 minutes, I have agreat program and that is really effective. You don’t need to train for hours to get result, believe me. As a mother of 2 teenagers, a husband, 4 cat’s and my own company, I don’t have time for endless excersises. I think many amongst us understand what I mean.

Getting in shape

Getting in shape


So 3 times a week 30 minutes gym, some intermittent fasting, healthy but tasty food and within 2 months I will be ready for summer!
If you are a real gym freak we also organize a health and fit cruise with a personal trainer. Just have a look at our website and in case of any questions you are all more than welcome.


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